Construction Director – Full Time –


The Head of Construction is responsible for the division’s developments and works particularly closely with the Sales and Customer Care departments to ensure customer satisfaction. The HOC ensures the Company’s Health & Safety policy and the requirements of Health & Safety Legislation are met and safe working practices are conducted. The HOC also liaises with other departments on a regular basis, to review and comment on a range of design and construction issues on potential sites through to existing developments.
Job Description
Main responsibilities include:
* In accordance with corporate responsibility for the business, work effectively as part of the senior management team and take a “whole company” perspective to manage issues.
* The job holder has corporate governance responsibilities which extend across all business areas and which require the job holder to actively promote best practices throughout the company.
* The job holder, with fellow directors, has corporate responsibility for the management of the company; including the general running of the company, setting budgets, minimising risks, maximising opportunities, achieving the company’s targets; and seeking to positively influence the progression and growth of the company.
* Responsible for effectively managing the Construction function to ensure best practices are followed, costs are controlled, the department maximises revenue generation and contribution to the Company’s operating profit and increases the value added to the Company.
* Review, challenge and approve build programmes for each new site and monitor actual progress against the building programme.
* Identify in advance a schedule of information required to meet the building programme and circulate as necessary.
* Identify critical path issues such as services and put plans in place to meet key dates.
* Liaise with the Commercial Director on the appointment of suitable sub-contractors and suppliers to ensure adequate resources and expertise to achieve required quality within the agreed timescales.
* Liaise with the Head of Sales and Marketing to ensure up to date understanding of sales exchange and completion targets in each development to ensure the building programme optimises revenue generation for each development whilst maintaining high standards.
* Monitor and inspect developments regularly to ensure that all quality control procedures are being adhered to and that the highest standards of build are being achieved and reflected in good NHBC/Premier Audit results.
* To ensure the handover of production plots to sales are the highest level of finish. To subsequently ensure units are fully de-snagged prior to legal completions.
* Liaise with the Commercial Director and the Finance Director to ensure the site and build costs are being controlled within budget. Attend all cost value comparison meetings to review costs and take necessary action to rectify variances.
* Review all extra over costs and variation orders to minimise costs and to charge costs back to the relevant subcontractors (where appropriate) whilst ensuring programme and quality is achieved.
* Review specific training needs with the Health & Safety Advisor and ensure appropriate training throughout the team.
* Monitor and continually review the quality being produced to ensure that at all stages of construction the highest standards are being achieved.
* In liaison with Sales and Technical colleagues, review services to customers, both pre-and post-completion, with Managers and Customer Care personnel; and together with a quality product deliver the highest standard of customer satisfaction.
* Attend project team meetings from time to time, updating the team on all necessary matters.
* Ensure the right quantity and calibre of staff are recruited and in accordance with Company policy and procedures.
* Lead, motivate, communicate with, develop, appraise and performance manage staff to ensure they are fully motivated to achieve the best performance to meet the Company’s needs.
* Responsible for the management of the Company, as part of the management team; including the general running of the Company, setting budgets, minimising risks, maximising opportunities, achieving the Company’s targets; and seeking to positively influence the progression and growth of the Company.
* Prepare papers for inclusion in Company Board Pack, present current issues at Board Meetings and be involved in discussing and influencing all aspects of the business.
* Maintain corporate governance responsibilities which extend across all business areas and require the active promotion of best practices throughout the Company.

Salary: £80000 – £100000/annum

Job Type: Permanent

Location: GU19, Bagshot, Surrey

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